7 January 2015

Lines from a Fairytale...

Fairytales are actually really scary. I'm just making sure that you know that I know this. Because when I draw pictures from my favourite fairy tales, you really wouldn't think that I knew most of them involve stealing, abandoning children, kidnapping children, cannibalism and bloody murder. But I'm okay with the decision to focus on the nicer bits. 


My 2013 degree show included patterns and characters inspired by Grimm's fairytales and I've recently returned to this theme. I'm working on a series of line drawings of places, characters and events from some classic fairytales. 

Rapunzel & Sleeping Beauty

The tales I chose were all adapted by Andrew Lang at the turn of the 20th century. I like his versions for a few reasons. I like that he was writing at a very interesting time for fashion, interior design and the decorative arts. I've always loved the patterns of the Arts and Crafts movement and the collection of decorative designs at the V&A, all of which influence the decorative patterns in my line drawings.

I also chose him because he colour coded his books. I like colour coding. And lists.

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