31 January 2012

This is some of my work so far for my MA studio work. The brief is to make an activity pack to go with the first book in The Borrowers series by Mary Norton. I'm enjoying it a little too much! I'm at the stage now where I need to just START MAKING THE FINALS. Sounds easy eh? You would think so...

27 January 2012

Splash! I've been painting again. I'm not sure about these, but they are making me smile so that will do for now. May try adding colour to my line drawings digitally next...wish me luck...

25 January 2012

Holly made me do it...Happy Burns' Day! x

24 January 2012

I'm busy uploading images of houses I have illustrated for people, I was one busy bee before Christmas! Here are the most recent. There's a facebook page explaining what I do and prices etc. I like drawing pretty houses :-)

22 January 2012

She still has no name! Why do I find that so tricky? All suggestions welcome...

21 January 2012

What a lovely Saturday...making cakestands (or jewellery/key/bits and bobs stands) with my lovely friend Nicky. Drinking tea and being warm. The freezing trip to the salvage yard was so worth it!

19 January 2012

A little street of wonky houses. This wee doodle came out of a wintery trip to York last month with my Bob. The Shambles was wonky and I liked it.
Hello! This is my first post, how bloomin' exciting. This little lady and her chicken pal are characters in a story I am working on. Whaddya think?