2 December 2013

Lights On/Lights Off

After a busy month of work and moving house I have escaped for a wee break, over the border and down by the sea. Flybe and their terrifying hand baggage regulations have meant that for the first time in months I am without laptop, scanner and wacom tablet - eep! This has turned out to be a good thing. I think...

I am drawing for fun. No brief, no theme, just doodlin'. Yesterday we went to Salisbury. There is a big cathedral. We arrived to find a candlelit advent procession kicking off, the first half of which was very nice. Pretty candles, nice singing, I was warm. Then I have to admit things got a bit...drawn out. Let's just say I was strongly empathising with the fidgeting, whimpering kid in the row in front. To avoid looking like an overgrown child finding it hard to behave in the adult world I whipped out my sketchbook to draw. You may have realised by now that I love a good building, and this cathedral really is something to see. And therein lies my problem, as not long after I started the whole place was plunged into darkness (this was planned, don't panic). So I was unwillingly forced to try out a new drawing exercise:
1 - draw with the lights on
2 - draw the same thing with the lights off

Here is the result:

Guess which was which? I have to say that the lines on the left are going to be fun to colour in. A new pattern perhaps. My favourite bit is the man to the left who looks like his eyes are popping out. Maybe he was as shocked as me when they turned the lights out! Anyway,  it was good to be drawing again and at the very least  it stopped me throwing a tantrum and demanding sweets.