28 September 2014

Sketchy memory

My hall cupboard is one of those open-at-your-own-risk cupboards, so full (of terribly important unthrowoutable stuff I never use) that my catching reflexes and pain threshold are put to test every time I open it. So, as is the custom when I am very busy with work and look for any excuse not to sit down and get on with it, I decided this week I should give it a good clear out. In doing so I found a pile of sketchbooks from the first year of my Masters:

Teapots seem to feature heavily throughout the books...

...as do cakes. Hmmm.

These finds got me thinking about projects I had begun two years ago and then seemed to let fizzle out, and I have decided to get back to some of them. Keeping a sketchbook is one of the most rewarding things I think an illustrator or designer can do. I once filled a book with weekly illustrations inspired by the one word briefs on the 'Illustration Friday' blog (well worth looking at if you aren't familiar with it). And I know many an illustrator pal (Kasia MatyjaszekAstrid Jaekel) whose sketchbooks are stunning works of art in themselves.

If I needed extra motivation, it has come in the form of The Big Draw - a UK wide drawing festival that kicks off tomorrow with events all over the country. There are a few in Edinburgh that I plan to check out.

So, tomorrow I will buy a new sketchbook (any excuse for stationary shopping), get researching for some new projects and revive some old ones. Look! I procrastinated and it paid off. Nice.

9 September 2014

Le immagini della fantasia

A few months ago I was asked to contribute an illustration to be featured in Le Immagini Della Fantastia, an annual Italian publication and exhibition. Immagini is now in it's 32nd year (having been founded in 1982 by Stepan Zavrel) and features illustrators from all over the world. I am lucky enough to have collaborated with such talented illustrators as Jonathan Gibbs, Cate James and Kate McLelland.

Here is my submission. My brief was to create an image to accompany the 'April' section of a piece written by the amazing Viv French which celebrates Scotland throughout the 12 months of the year. The exhibition will be held in Italy this October. What's that you say? I should go to Italy? I SHOULD go to Italy...