24 February 2012

Three days to go til hand-in day! And surprisingly, I'm quite sad to be moving on from the Borrowers. It has been a challenge, but this project has been very handy. I've been experimenting with screen-printing and this week felt like a breakthrough, i love it. I've also made my own interpretation of the text, a twist I'm quite happy with. And and and...i have found my love of font! It is fun. So off i go to draw more pretty lettering and get all up in the print studio's face.

p.s. little bird cards were a mini success too...could be possibilities for my summer craft fair/selling mission...?

18 February 2012

my doll's house doodles

I've been all about the doll's houses this week. Busy painting my own one with my sister, and doodling many a mini version. I'm working on some illustrations for The Borrowers, but am getting totally obsessed with the one tiny section of the story that involves the doll's house. What is it that makes tiny rooms so appealing?! (Also concentrating this week on putting my developing Photoshop and tablet skills to the test!) 

6 February 2012

So, I've been procrastinating. But I don't feel like defending my actions: lions and geese and owls and smug old ladies are fun to doodle. I've spent so long experimenting with colour I forgot the fun of just drawing. With pencils. When you're meant to be working. Can't beat it!

1 February 2012

What a day out. I always knew it, but Edinburgh really is glorious. The Central Library is pretty much magic (fact). Not only is there some really cool stuff in there, but the views from the secret passageways are no too bad either.