12 November 2014

Chambers Street: Now and Then

Here we go! I've been unearthing some lovely photos of Edinburgh taken over the past two hundred years and reading about the history of these places I walk by every day. Yesterday I made these:

This is an illustration of the National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, and below is an illustration of the same spot drawn from a photograph taken in 1908. I found this photo in Batsford's Edinburgh, a beautiful book I stumbled upon in Edinburgh's Central Library.

I'm finding that the buildings, photographs and storied that interest me the most are those that have changed almost entirely from 'then' to 'now'. We are lucky enough in Edinburgh to still have so many historical buildings that have been here for hundreds of years, but it is fascinating to find images of shops and residential buildings that are no longer here. These buildings seem so full of life and stories, I hope I can keep finding images and information about these places and the people that inhabited them. 

So...where to next? I'm open to suggestions!

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