5 November 2014

Now and then

Hello, hiya and hola! (seeing as this is my first post since returning from my trip to Spain. It was BRILLIANT.)

I was there with my very clever archaeology boy and while he was off being a real life underwater version of Indiana Jones (I'm pretty sure that's what he does) I managed to fill my days away sketching the amazing city of Cartagena

I treated myself to that new sketchbook I was banging on about and it is now filled with things like this.

and this

oh, and this

Then I came back to my own beautiful city and decided it was time for Edinburgh to become the focus of my illustrations again. So, I started a new project...

I have been sourcing photos of the city (the Central Library has a brilliant collection of images and information from Edinburgh's past, while Lost Edinburgh is another great resource). From these photos and the stories that surround them I've been drawing detailed images of key buildings as they were at points in the past, and then drawing how they look now.

Right now I am doing this in my evenings, as a wee indulgence and to keep myself sketching (as I resolved to do), but I am so fascinated by the images I'm finding and Edinburgh's vibrant past that I hope the project will grow into something...though I'm not yet sure what. So I guess I just keep drawing and see where it takes me.


  1. Keep drawing! Look forward to seeing where these take you!! x

  2. Thanks Holly! Loving your recent stuff :-) x

  3. Can't wait to see these!
    Have you seen the 'then and now' pics on the Our Town Stories site? Might give you a few ideas...

    1. I got the idea from looking on the website! It is such a fantastic resource. I'm hoping to get delving into the central library archives too :-) I'll keep posting up my images here and on twitter!