6 October 2014


Buildings. I like 'em. I like looking at them and drawing them and learning about them. But mainly drawing them, which is why this recent commission from Couthie (a wonderful wee gift company run by some lovely ladies and producing some really exciting new products) to illustrate for a new range of gifts was very welcome indeed. I can now reveal the first in the 'Sightlines' range of paper cut lanterns:

Edinburgh being all glowy.

These will be available to buy in shops very soon and also to order (individual or wholesale) online or directly from Couthie HQ.

And now I've turned my attention to illustrating the next in the range - London! 

I'm off to fold bits of paper and cut out tiny windows on miniature London buses. I will probably* resist the urge to make little paper people to ride on the bus.

*I'm making them already.

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