13 January 2015

Never Bite a Tiger!

This morning I was very excited to hear the post pop through the letterbox (and not just because I was staring blankly at a very confusing and out of date spreadsheet and desperate for a distraction) because today I was expecting something special.

The preview copies of 'Never Bite a Tiger on the Nose', to be precise. This is the picture book I alluded to working on a few months back and I'm very chuffed to have my hands on the final printed and bound book...

A snap of the front covers

The book was written by the brilliant Lynne Rickards and has been published by Scottish Book Trust. The plan is to distribute it for free to children across Scotland in March as part of the BookBug toddler packs. Not only was it a joy to work on this book (I think I could happily draw that monkey all day), but I was honoured to be involved in a project which encourages reading as a family and healthy eating. And also, nothing beats getting a free book! Here are some of the interior pages:

 Oh, and it's also in Gaelic! Which is very cool.


  1. They look amazing! How can I get one? I have such a talented friend x x x

    1. Thanks Holly! I'll get you a copy. Can't wait to attend your book launch :-) xxx