17 May 2014

Retro Future is Past

Last night was the National Museum's Retro Future event and I was there. Drawing. In front of people. And some of those people had cameras. And some of those people and their cameras were there on behalf of the BBC. Although I wasn't interviewed, if you tune into Museums At Night on BBC 2 at 7pm tonight (or catch it on iplayer) you might see me looking flustered in the background. So, my clambering over another hurdle on the track towards becoming a confident self assured professional type person involved drawing on blackboards as revellers sent tweets of objects for me to draw. 

I was up against fellow illustrator Rosie Cunningham as she drew on an iPad. She is very talented and very lovely and rather than the advertised 'illustration battle' it was more a case of us helping each other through it. My brother, sister and best pal Jen were also there making me smile. Yes, I am not ashamed to admit I need a team of supporters to get me through most things. They're used to it, it's okay.

It is all thanks to The Red Door Gallery who stock my work and asked me to take part in the event. Thanks guys! I'm off to prepare for my next step - I'm off to Newcastle to see my lovely friend and amazing illustrator Holly Sterling and impose myself at her place of work Paper Dove for a couple of days to learn all about the world of illustrating for greeting cards. Bring it on!

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