10 May 2014

Museum musings

You know when I said May was going to be busy? Well it just got busier. It's okay, I asked for it and deserve no sympathy. The project most rapidly speeding into view is this months' Late Night at the Museum, and I have pens at the ready and am genuinely excited by the project. I just happen to be totally terrified at the same time. That's possible, right? Meeting the lovely Rosemary Cunningham this week has helped to calm my nerves, so fingers crossed for a successful event. I'm not even going to be unsettled by the fact there will be cameras there. From the BBC. Nope. See how calm I am? I'm relaxing myself drawing shapes. Helpfully these shapes are based on the objects I will be drawing on Friday.

Shapes. And the pens I made the shapes with.

In other news I have a new stockist. The lovely Archerfield Walled Garden shop near North Berwick will have a selection of my prints on sale this week. The North Berwick and Edinburgh prints will soon be kept company by a series of St Andrews and Glasgow illustrations - having lived in both places it is nice to be revisiting my old homes in the name of research. 

And finally: the ECA Degree Show is about to commence! The very talented illustration students this year set up this week and have worked so hard and produced incredible work. I hope they are all very relaxed/drunk/asleep right now. The opening is 24th May and the show runs until 1st June so swing by if you can.  

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