29 April 2014

MAY be a busy month

Lately I have been able to indulge myself and call it work (even more so than usual) as orders for my prints are coming in more frequently these days, which is nice. And the indulging comes in the form of packaging up the prints. I love it. You know the people who moan about wrapping presents? I'm not one of those people. Give me some ribbon and tissue paper and I'm happy for hours. (Flat's covered in scraps of paper and sellotape, but I'm happy).

This is my latest print for sale

Today I was delivering prints to the lovely folks at Red Door Gallery and discussing my next exciting project...I'm not giving too much away as I'm quite nervous, but I will be doing some more live drawing at one of my favourite places in Edinburgh. I'll be sharing the experience with the talented Rosemary Cunningham and will post up on my facebook page the twitter # when it goes live. 

May is full of illustration-y things! And it looks like June will be too. And so was today. Yup, I'm definitely kind of doing a good job of pretending to look like I am maybe possibly making this illustration thing work!

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