29 March 2014

Chessmen. And more windows.

I've been working on a few different projects recently, and one of them involved drawing in windows. Again. (I promise I do get asked to do this, it isn't some weird addiction...though it is really fun) This time I was hand-lettering and drawing fireworks for the Edinburgh University Student Elections.

It was a really fun commission, even the part where I was drawing on the mirrors in the bathrooms. It's a unique profession alright, this illustration business. Not many jobs have you colouring in a giant star at 3am. In public toilets.

Since that wee adventure I have been indulging in some lovely research: Collecting postcards and looking at books of Victorian illustrations. Oh, and yesterday Simon and Angie Lewin came to ECA to talk about the beautiful fabrics and wallpapers made by the St Jude's artists. Check them out here:

I've also been visiting Edinburgh's Museum on Chambers street in preparation for my next exciting job...(live drawing at their late night event in May - eep!)...The Lewis Chessmen have got me smitten. I love their shocked little faces!

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