2 August 2014

London Calling

Today I'm taking a day off. This should be very easy. I am on the sofa, it is raining and I have plenty of snacks. However, it turns out that I can't stop thinking about the two books I am working on this month. Which is probably a good thing. So here I am, blogging again (at last) because if I am not drawing tigers or elephants or bumble bees I will write about drawing tigers, elephants and bumblebees.

Recently I went to London and it was brilliant. I went to Carlton Kids HQ and spent a day working in house on the colouring book they have commissioned me to illustrate. By 'working' I mean 'reading children's books and chatting to lovely people' (see above photos for examples of books and lovely people - the latter of these is Editor Anna Brett). The office was like a treasure trove of goodies, and as much as I love freelancing I did have the odd pang of envy as I was given the tour and a fancy desk to work at and went out for yummy lunch in bustling sunny LondonDay two of my trip took me to Tate Modern to meet with the incredibly talented and lovely Paula Burgess, the Art Director I am working with on a picture book for Scottish Book Trust. A picture book I am very excited about. So all in all, my first trip to London 'on business' was very grown up and important and I felt like I was playing at being someone who is grown up and important. (I think I might even have almost pulled it off!)

Board for Archerfield Walled Garden (frame made by my wee brother)

Menu board for The Pleasance Dome Cafe

To avoid becoming a complete recluse and to get my brain thinking about other things than picture books and colouring in pages I have been decorating chalkboards. Typography is fast becoming something I am very interested in and as I am aware this is a very  complex and precise craft I fully intend to start learning how this sort of thing is done properly...in the meantime I have been having a go at my own hand lettering for clients in the run up to the Edinburgh Festival. Which is now under way and I love it. So as much as London was sparkly and enticing I came home to beautiful vibrant Edinburgh in full festival swing...good choice.

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