1 August 2013

The Month of Windows: Part Two (day one)

Wow, what a day. Remember that mysterious comment from the last post? Well the wait is over (phew, right?) I can reveal that I am illustrating in the window of Oasis in the Princes Mall, Edinburgh. The reason I kept it to myself: Fear. And I'm glad to say that after today the fear is gone! I had a brilliant day, and completed the first of the three windows. It now looks like this:

And from the inside (where I was curled up - doodling and occasionally grinning like an idiot at people - but for the most part in my own wee world) it looks like this:


Please do come down over the next three days if you are in Edinburgh and have the time. There's a silent auction - ten prints of my work all fancily printed up and framed (thanks Oasis!) are up for grabs and there are tote bags for sale for just £5...
ALL PROCEEDS TO A BRILLIANT CHARITY (that was accidental caps lock but it is staying in!) The Maggie Centre in Edinburgh helps people affected by cancer, my lovely Mum to name one. It is one of a few organisations that were able to provide some help to my Mum and our family through her illness and the tough time we had. The centre runs activities and holds workshops and events, but is also there as a calm sanctuary on the hospital grounds where patients and their loved ones can go to talk (or not), drink tea, or just step outside the hospital environment and take stock. Find out more here:


I'd also like to say that all the staff at Oasis Princes Mall were so lovely to me today. I am genuinely excited to get back to work tomorrow!

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