4 August 2013

The Month of Windows: Part Two (completed!)

Donedonedonedone....DONE! Four days, three windows, too many coffees and exactly the right number of pens. I'm exhausted but it was so worth it. I'm really proud of how the windows are looking, and the experience was amazing. I met lovely staff at Oasis and lovely visiting public. Personal high points included the little girl who sat tracing the lines I drew with her finger for about an hour (her poor mum) and giving me encouraging 'whoop's and thumbs up. I felt like an athlete! But one that eats chocolate and sits cross-legged for hours. Here are some photos from today:

This last one is the very last thing I drew. A sleepy Sir Walter Scott, chilling out under his monument. My favourite bit.

And already something exciting has happened! I was mentioned in an article as an emerging young british designer! Here is the link:

SO. That's quite enough excitement for one week. I start working at the Edinburgh Book Festival tomorrow, bright and early. So I'm off to recharge. DONE.


  1. Well done you beautiful and brilliant lady. They look amazing xx

  2. Thanks lovely lady! I've been busy and loving it :-) xxx