22 August 2013

Busiest. Month. Ever.

So August, we are having fun eh? After a whirlwind week or so at Oasis and some extra visits beyond that, I can show you this:

(The finished window complete with castle backdrop)

And this:

(The finished window complete with castle backdrop CLOSE UP. oooh)
And this:

(A photo booth screen that I drew all over and is now in store for customers to sit in front of and say cheeeeese)

And finally this:

(A photo of my bag in the 'Wardrobe must-haves' section of the Scotsman on Saturday. Yes, really!)

But it doesn't stop here. I finish at the book festival in one week, before which I will be live drawing (eek) with the lovely amazing author Viv French at the book festival's "Are you sitting comfortably?" storytime session this Sunday. THEN I will be diving headfirst into my residency at ECA and I can't wait. Got a few exciting commissions and meetings lined up. It's all go! Speaking of which, I start work in half an hour....

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