31 July 2013

The Month of Windows: Part One

I have been hiding. I have been hiding all over Edinburgh. I have been hiding and drawing and being quietly terrified because it has all been in preparation for this week. This morning I installed 10 new illustrations in the windows of the Central Library of George IV Bridge, Edinburgh. The work is my response to this beeyooteefool city of mine and is also there to encourage folks to head into the library and check of the amazing resources. There are literally hundreds of boxes full of incredible photos and newspaper cuttings about Edinburgh. I lost about two days in there. So worth a peek. Also the library is part of the Open Doors event this year, so you can come along and get a guided tour of the library - the bits that are usually off limits. And trust me, it is impressive.

Anyway, here are some snaps of my work in some windows. Tick!

And now it is time for me to get some kip before I embark on 'The Month of Windows: Part Two', which begins tomorrow. It will involve me live drawing in a window in a very prominent part of Edinburgh. Watch this space for a post about it (I'm waiting until I have started and I am less TERRIFIED).

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