19 April 2017

Drawing Lines

This year got off to a very busy start and for some reason I have let my blogging habit slide. So here is a long overdue post which may go some way to explaining my silence. 

I made another colouring book! 
(Actually, I've now made 5 colouring/activity books and contributed to 4 others, but I can't talk about them all yet...)

For now I give you The Colouring Book of Edinburgh, the second in my series of colouring books published by BirlinnI had to whittle it down to 23 locations, so there are some notable absences but the book features most of my favourite places in my favourite city in the world. You can buy it online or in Waterstones, Blackwells and many independent shops.

I'm just finishing up the third and final book, and feeling quite sad at the prospect of the project being over. There's a lot of love in the little lines. Luckily I have some new commissions on the go and will be running some fun workshops over the next few months. I'm also finding time to get started on some personal projects. I'm off to the Botanic Gardens with my sketchbook and a coffee. It's research, ok?!

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