11 July 2016

The Colouring Book of Scotland

I've been out of the blogging way for a while now...my time seemed to get swallowed up with working on lovely things I should have then been blogging about. But no excuses! It is hard to know where to begin filling in the 6 month gap, but I'll start with one of the most exciting projects I was lucky enough to work on.

Following my Art Adventure book I was asked by publishing house Birlinn to create a Scotland themed colouring book suitable for all ages. Voila - I give you: The Colouring Book of Scotland

I chose to depict a number of landmarks, landscapes and buildings from across the country with a map detailing the route that would take you to each of the 23 places. 




I'm feeling very pleased with the end result and also very lucky to be creating images that people are able to enjoy and add to themselves. I like the idea that people familiar with Scotland will recognise places special to them, as well as first time visitors being able to discover these places anew - and spend time chilling out and colouring in.
The Colouring Book of Scotland is available to buy online, in numerous Waterstones stores and in many lovely independent shops.


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