24 October 2015

Back To School

I just can't seem to keep away from Edinburgh College of Art. Luckily, they are okay with this and have even gone so far as to get me in to do a spot of teaching. So far so good. SO good. I've been blogging about our first project on the ECA Illustration blog, have a read!
It has been so inspiring to get out drawing with the students and work with them back in the studio. Seeing their work and the way they approach the briefs has motivated me to dust off the sketchbook (ok, buy a lovely new sketchbook) and get drawing for the sake of it. No client, no target audience, just making images in response to things.

Life drawing and doodles from the Botanic Gardens

As a lovely balance I am still working on some great freelance projects. Watch this space for a range of cards designed for Archerfield Walled Garden, a freshly updated website, as well as some new prints for sale

Perhaps most exciting (so much so that it will get it's own blog spotlight very soon) is that a colouring book I wrote and illustrated is now available for pre-order online...fancy An Art Adventure anyone?

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