19 August 2014

Go bananas!

Good news...(okay, so this might not be news to everyone - and to many people this may be very old news, but)...I am illustrating a picture book! 

I am over the moon to have been asked to work on Never Bite a Tiger on the Nose (sound advice) by the brilliant Lynne Rickards. The book is all about healthy eating and features some very hungry children and their cheeky animal friends. 

Today my desk looked a bit like this:

And at times like this:

Things have started to get colourful:

Lynne has written a lovely rhyming story, hopefully I can do it justice and help bring her characters to life. The finished book will be distributed to 3 year olds across Scotland as part of Scottish Book Trust's Bookbug scheme in March 2015. So it's back to work for me - tonight I think I'll work on some monkeys and bananas. Mmmm bananas. This book is making me hungry.


  1. Hi Eilidh - just found this post and it looks great! Are you working in coloured pencil? Can't wait to see more!
    Lynne x

  2. Thank you Lynne! That means so much, your characters have been so much fun to illustrate. I do work with coloured pencil but also paint, pen and printed textures and I mish mash them all together. It is great to see the whole book coming together! x