24 October 2013

Illustrating a story...the story of BEER!

Good day! I've just finished a week doodling at Archerfield Walled Garden in East Lothian (my illustrations are also on their website, just one reason to visit the site...)


The brief was to draw a diagram explaining the 'story of beer' on the wall outside their microbrewery in time for their Oktoberfest event this weekend (if you can, GO. I'm not just saying this, I have tasted the beer for professional reasons and it is gooood). I encountered a few problems with the wall surface and tricky height of the space, so thanks to very understanding and enterprising client Elly, I was allowed to paint on some boards. Which I found thanks to my very resourceful and helpful brother (who is very clever and makes awesome stuff out of wood - see this stuff here: https://www.facebook.com/EastCoastGardens).

So it started looking like this:

(oh yes, I was painting in a barn. It got a bit...spidery...but apart from that it was peaceful and fun and made me very pleased about my career choices)
And then it looked like this:

And then it went on the wall where it looks like this:

And then I went doodle nuts and did this to their chalkboards:

So, that was that. Another example of how I don't know where this job will take me next...and how cool is that?

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