4 May 2012

Today I met the lovely Louise Power from Walker Books. A brilliant opportunity to have an expert look over my work and give me advice. She was very helpful, honest and encouraging. We also talked about bins full of ladybirds... I feel very inspired and full of ideas, hopefully the Picture Hooks conference tomorrow will only add to this! And there's sandwiches provided. WIN.

Louise liked my house illustrations - here are a couple. I'm thinking of a whole street. I'm focussing on developing this decorative style by drawing more houses and objects, but also building up a folio of characters. I'm drawn to geese...watch this space!


  1. beautiful illustrations, these homes have such character!

    feel free to take a look at my blog, you might find some work you'll like!


  2. Thank you! Your blog is just lovely. I will keep checking in to see more of the artists you like - and your work too!